50 Best School Auction Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

Parents and children will enjoy purchasing something of sentimental value, and you’ll be raising funds for your cause while simultaneously nurturing the school spirit. Our best senior class fundraiser programs will help you to get the funds for school rings and senior trips too! These tips are easy for parents, teachers and students alike to implement. PLUS you get free coaching to help you make your senior class fundraiser a success. It takes a lot of funds to put on a school play production.
That is a fun way to help multiple causes with one project. Schools are filled with talented young artists that spend hours each week creating masterpieces. There will be plenty of creators that are happy to donate their works to be auctioned off to help raise money. Invite the students to use different mediums so you have photography, paintings, sculptures, and anything else the kids have access to use at the school. Food brings the community together, so why not host a food-centered event to raise some money? A group of volunteers works together flipping hotcakes and serving them up with all the favorite toppings.
A host can help keep the event interesting and moving along. You can also sell snacks, drinks and other games for spectators. Host the tournament at your school or choose a local recreation area that has space for spectators and parking.
A good fundraising letter should include the mission of the fundraiser, how you are accomplishing your goal, and a call to action along with details for the recipient of the letter. It’s a great communication tool because you can lay out your plan and be specific about what you need. Fundraising letters work for raising dollars, but they can also be used if you are gathering other objects for a sale or event.
Traditionally, schools enroll in a Box Tops campaign to receive ten cents for every participating product shopper’s buy. You can research companies in your area that participate in gift matching and make sure parents and community members know if their employer participates. Use social media, email, newsletters, and more to encourage parents to find out if their company will match donations to your school. Use the season of giving to get all your supporters involved in securing funds and starting a great year.
Then, use a calendar fundraising platform to upload your photos, print your calendars, and have them shipped to your supporters. This is an effective annual fundraising idea since organization-minded individuals will require a new calendar each year. One of the best parts about hosting a sports camp is that this idea can be adjusted for any sport, whether that’s football, soccer, or baseball.
Send progress updates and photos to the donors to keep the trust and maintain the relationship. Ensure your donors know the faces behind the names, understand your cause, and can relate to the purpose of your project. Chances are your whole team, or at least one member can and would be willing to lead a class or several classes to raise funds for your club. easy fundraisers for schools for your class (e.g. a park, a gym, or a community center).