Fundraising During a Pandemic: 11 Ideas for Fundraising from a Distance

We have the best school student government programs to pay for class gifts, awards and for raising a few dollars for local charities. Students, teachers, parents and families all find our fundraiser programs easy, simple and profitable to run. Catholic schools love our fundraising events because there is no money upfront to get started. Walkathons and 5Ks are some of the most popular Parent Teacher Association fundraising ideas, and they’ve been updated for the digital age. These virtual races are similar to their in-person counterparts. You can still charge an entrance fee and sell race merchandise.
A beginner would be happy to learn from you without having to pay $75 an hour from a professional. You can even offer a free 15 minute lesson to see if people like it. Use as Prizes for a Raffle – Why not make some money on parent teacher night? Host a raffle and give away school promotional items as prizes. They’ll love having the Contigo Luxe Tumblers in hand as they zip around from class to class. Capacity and double wall insulation to keep that coffee nice and hot.
While current crowdfunding takes place online, traditional fundraising takes place offline. Of course you will need to decide what is appropriate for your schools grade level. The donation amounts you receive will depend on the entrance fees and your promotional efforts using word of mouth and social media.
Coordinating with local businesses, chat with business owners about discounts they are willing to offer to fans. Then, create a booklet with these coupons using tools like Easy Fundraising Cards. Though you may not get as much money, this might be a more accessible way for people in your community to buy the shirts, and you’re supporting a local business. Additionally, you should be prepared to be flexible regardless of what kind of fundraisers you choose to do. If the pandemic has taught us anything, things can change very quickly.
Students and schools can make far more from their efforts and keep the funds they raise, as GoFundMe is. The more excited you and your school are about your fundraiser, the more likely people will gravitate toward your campaign and want to donate. That’s why we always recommend choosing a school fundraising idea that you’re the most passionate about and really want to promote. Fundraising events can and should be fun, so gather your community and the rest will take care of itself. Getting middle school students to participate in fundraising efforts can sometimes be a challenge. Luckily, the pie the principal fundraiser encourages students to raise money while having a good laugh in the process.
Like with any other “-a-thon” style fundraiser, kids will collect donations from sponsors every time they reach a milestone, such as a number of pages or chapters. Inspire students to do good in their communities while raising money for your school! During a serve-a-thon, students pick a local volunteer opportunity and then raise funds from their friends and families to support their efforts. Consider setting up students with online fundraising pages to make fundraising as easy and appealing as possible. ABC Fundraising® is constantly evaluating the new products that come on the market to help teams raise money.
This can be the simplest way for you to raise some money for your booster club. school fundraiser companies takes is a simple donation page like this, a goal meter so people know just how much you need, and a detailed account of the T-shirt fundraiser. Membership fees can be hard to depend on because parents will come and go as their children age out of the team.
Raise funds by washing the cars of parents and people driving through the neighborhood for a fee. At your charity concert, you can raise funds from individual donations, ticket sales, and the sale of other items. Teachers could get creative and invite well-known performers to join them or invite sponsors from the local community. Encourage students to donate items for this event or create vouchers for services offered and host a silent auction in the school. During the event, participants can walk around for a specific period and write down their names and offer prices on items they are interested in.
Your main audience is comprised of students’ families, although you can expand your reach to include community members, alumni, students’ distant relatives, etc. As you get to better understand your audience, it’s beneficial to know their values, motivations, lifestyles, and passions. Almost everybody has an old pair of sneakers lying around that aren’t worn anymore. Ask students, families, and community members to donate their gently worn, new, and used shoes to a shoe drive. This is a great wintertime fundraiser; just be sure to bring the hot cocoa to keep your participants and viewers warm and cozy.
Students and parents can browse the selection and purchase books they like. The school usually receives a percentage of the sales, so it’s a great way to earn some extra money. Send out heartfelt thank-you messages to all who donate to your fundraisers. Recognizing donors with letters of gratitude goes a long way toward retaining their support for future funding efforts. This is where having a dedicated constituent relationship management (CRM) platform can come in handy. Your CRM stores all relevant supporter data so you can segment out your audience and conduct targeted fundraising efforts that pinpoint those who are most likely to give.